Community Impact


Baldwin | The Austin Lacey Fund:
The Austin Lacey Fund is dedicated to raising awareness, facilitating early diagnosis, and providing support for young adults with cancer. The Fund was established in 2011 to honor the life of Austin Lacey, who lost his battle to lung cancer at the age of 27. Click here to learn more.

Choctaw | Black Belt Treasures: Black Belt Treasures is a non-profit organization developed to showcase and promote the arts of and provide arts education opportunities to the Black Belt region. The development and retention of the area’s art skills are vital to the process. All of these elements combine as an economic engine that has resulted in increased sales and recognition for area artists, access to arts educational opportunities for youth and adults, as well as contributing to the development of the tourism industry in the Black Belt region. Click here to learn more.

Clarke | Grove Hill Mathews Cemetery Association Fund: The Grove Hill Mathews Cemetery Association Fund was created by The Grove Hill Mathews Cemetery Association to assist in maintaining proper care of Grove Hill Mathews Cemetery, the final resting place of family, friends, neighbors, and fellow community members. The association was created by a group of individuals from Grove Hill who saw the need to form an effort to keep the cemetery clean and maintained. The association collects donations and organizes community cleanup days and other maintenance efforts.

Conecuh | The Kinsley Elizabeth Bulger Memorial Scholarship Fund:
The Kinsley Elizabeth Bulger Memorial Scholarship fund was established by Christy Goodwin and Daniel Bulger in 2007 to honor the memory of their daughter Kinsley who lost her battle to leukemia at just five years old. The $500 scholarship is awarded annually to a Sparta Academy senior to help further his/her education. Click here to learn more.

Escambia | The Rural Healthcare Initiative: The Rural Healthcare Initiative provides training for those interested in becoming certified nursing assistants (CNAs), placing individuals in jobs, while meeting the needs of local employers. The Initiative is a collaboration among the Region 9 Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council (SAWDC), rural counties’ healthcare employers, the Alabama Career Center, and Region 9 community colleges. The initiative was funded by a grant awarded by The Community Foundation of South Alabama as part of its economic opportunity priority area and the National Fund for Workforce Solutions.

Mobile | Sankofa Academy of Excellence:
Sankofa Academy of Excellence aims to build the capacity of young men of color who are deemed high risk” due to their high level of discipline infractions during the school year and the low level of academic performance and lack of community engagement. SAE will teach leadership skills through the theory of possible selves, create mentoring opportunities with older males, educate on the importance of community service through intergenerational outreach and deal with the social and emotional challenges of young men. This collaborative effort will also provide healthy foods options and educate the young men on the importance of healthy eating, as a factor in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Monroe | ACADV Project Enterprise: CFSA recently awarded a grant to the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence to support Project Enterprise, It’s my business, which provides survivors of domestic violence with supportive services and technical assistance designed to encourage entrepreneurialism. Click here to learn more.

Washington | Washington County Library Fund: The Washington County Public library received a $10,000 grant from CFSA to upgrade its Wi-Fi infrastructure. The funding will allow the Library to expand its Wi-Fi signal throughout the indoor facility and up to 150 yards outside the building, increasing access to arts and cultural activities in an economically underdeveloped area. Click here to learn more.