Dr. Will Blackburn Fund

Will Blackburn’s generosity will have a ripple effect for many generations to come.

His mother was a teacher and instilled in her son a love of learning.  Will Blackburn excelled in his studies and following his post doctoral internship and residency, he embarked on a distinguished career as an outstanding medical professor, researcher and mentor to numerous physicians and other healthcare professionals. His adventurous and generous spirit also led him to become an avid sailor and the wind behind the backs of many individuals he influenced during his life.

Longtime family friend Betsy Hunter Coleman remembered Blackburn as a “very generous person.”  Whether it was a faithful friend or a student who showed great promise, he provided financial assistance so that they could continue on a path toward prosperity.

When he passed away, Dr. Blackburn left a generous portion of his assets for charitable purposes.  Honoring his wishes, the Will R. Blackburn Philanthropic Fund has been established at the Foundation to “help the schools, museums, cultural institutions and other non-profit organizations develop and implement innovative programs that make the future brighter for children…”  It is guided by a local advisory committee.

Sail On

Blackburn’s legacy will live on in the thousands of students for whom he will be the wind behind their backs, allowing them to sail to places and positions they would not have dreamed of otherwise.

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