Fairhope/Point Clear Community Foundation

Through the Community Foundation of South Alabama’s affiliate program, local leaders from Fairhope and Point Clear established the Fairhope/Point Clear Community Foundation.

Furthering the Spirit of Utopia


A small group of individuals seeking to create a utopia landed on a high bluff overlooking Mobile Bay in 1894.  The original settlers aspired to create a colony with no taxes other than a single land tax and attracted others who shared their vision of an idyllic village. One of the first colonists remarked that the new colony had a “fair hope of success.”

Since that time, Fairhope has flourished to become a vibrant community of over 16,000 residents, spawning neighborhoods which extend to Point Clear and beyond.

Imbued with the same spirit of working together for the common good, a small group of local leaders came together in January 2018 to form the Fairhope/Point Clear Community Foundation as an affiliate of The Community Foundation of South Alabama.

Serving as an advisory committee, the group established an endowed fund as a vehicle to receive donations and bequests to benefit the community and can make recommendations about how the charitable dollars are distributed to local nonprofits, churches, schools or government entities.

“We are very excited to make a lasting impact in the Fairhope and Point Clear areas through the Community Foundation and all the resources it has to offer,” FHPC Community Foundation chair Ashley Bonner said. “We look forward to serving the many other charitable organizations in our community in order to enhance the philanthropic efforts already underway. It’s such a unique way to promote the culture of giving that already exists here and be a source of new growth and progress as well.”

The establishment of this affiliate community foundation is another example of the commitment of Fairhope to helping the people around them. Without missing a beat, the Fairhope / Point Clear Community Foundation is working together to raise more funding to circulate back into the community.


About the Fairhope / Point Clear Community Foundation

By working with The Community Foundation of South Alabama, an affiliate can focus on raising funds and deciding charitable use for the income of the community fund while relying on the parent Foundation to handle the administration, investment and required daily tasks.  Through a concerted grant-making effort, the effects of a community fund can be felt for generations to come.  An advisory committee of Fairhope and Point Clear residents makes recommendations about how the charitable dollars are spent, and The Community Foundation of South Alabama bears the legal responsibility to ensure that the funds are then used in compliance with donor intent.
The Fairhope/Point Clear Community Foundation was founded in 2018 by a group of Fairhope and Point Clear citizens. As an affiliate of the Community Foundation of South Alabama, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, we accept a wide variety of tax-deductible contributions, such as cash, appreciated stocks, real estate or other assets.

Fairhope/Point Clear Advisory Committee

Ashley Bonner, Chair
Ken Cole, Vice-Chair
Maggie Bagwell Lacey, Secretary
Beth Craft
Bill McNair
Jeanna Pilot
Mac Walcott
Allison Ashurst

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