The Community Foundation of South Alabama partners with professional advisors to provide individuals, families and businesses with a personalized approach to charitable giving.

We offer an assortment of charitable funds that are designed to fit your client’s level of involvement so they can accomplish their philanthropic goals. The Foundation accepts a wide variety of gifts including appreciated stock and real estate which can be used to open a fund.

The Community Foundation can help your client establish a charitable legacy by including the Foundation in their estate plan. A variety of options are available that will allow them to give during their lifetime, after death or receive a life-income for themselves and others.

Tax Advantages of Giving
The Community Foundation of South Alabama is a public charity as classified under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Therefore, any asset invested with the Foundation immediately receives the maximum tax benefits. Contributions to funds at the Foundation are tax deductible in the year they are made and charitable gifts can then be distributed over time.

Administrative Support
Our goal is to make charitable giving easy. We handle all the fund maintenance, investment management, fund distributions, tax reporting and records. Our donors receive confirmations of every gift made from their fund and a quarterly fund report.

For more information about integrating your client’s charitable giving with financial planning contact The Community Foundation of South Alabama at 251.438.5591.

Fund Types
Accepted Assets
Publicly Traded Securities
Mutual Fund Shares
Private Securities
Real Property
Tangible Personal Property
Life Insurance Policies
Retirement Assets (IRAs, retirement plans)
Trust Assets
Estate Assets
Charitable Planning
In April 2016, The Community Foundation of South Alabama hosted a presentation by Jerome M. Hesch, “Communicating Charitable Planning Techniques in an Understandable Manner" designed to equip estate planners to explain complicated and often confusing charitable giving techniques to taxpayers by using simple illustrations to understand numerical examples instead of technical tax terms.

View the presentation here: Communicating Charitable Techniques in an Understandable Manner

In addition, The Community Foundation of South Alabama has prepared information sheets designed to help simplify the charitable giving process:
What is Planned Giving?
Ten Common Estate Planning Mistakes
How to Plan and Successfully Carry Out a Wills Emphasis Program For Your Organization