Publicizing Your Grant

Congratulations on receiving a grant from The Community Foundation of South Alabama! 

Your grant is made possible by generous donors who have contributed to The Community Foundation of South Alabama for this purpose since 1976. We appreciate your support in recognizing the Foundation to help educate our community on how their gifts and legacies are supporting your mission. Public recognition of your grant helps to encourage future contributions to this permanent community resource. The information below gives you the tools to spread the great news to your donors and our community.

If you have questions about publicizing your grant, contact Jessica Sawyer, Director of Marketing and Communications, at 215.338.7750 or


How does it benefit your organization to publicize your grant from CFSA?

  • You receive positive attention for the important work you are doing.
  • CFSA and its donors are recognized, raising awareness of unrestricted giving.
  • Identifying CFSA as a source of support lends credibility to your efforts.


How can your organization spread the word about your grant?

  • Press Release: Contact local news organizations to let them know about your grant and the launch of your program. We are happy to provide a quote specific to your organization. Please submit your press release to CFSA prior to releasing. Click here for a sample press release.
  • Print Materials: The Community Foundation of South Alabama should be acknowledged in any print (or online) materials created to market your program. You may also use this as an opportunity to demonstrate sustainability in your annual report and other marketing materials.
  • eNews: Email marketing is the easiest way to reach your audience directly. Consider writing a story about your program or highlighting a loyal member of your audience.
  • Social Media: Share your grant award through facebook , twitter, instagram and your website.

Facebook and Instagram: Including a photo will increase your engagement – it could be a photo of the people you serve, the place you are improving, or simply your staff jumping for joy. Be sure to tag us in the announcement to increase your reach.

Twitter: Be sure to include @CFSouthAlabama and at least one hashtag to boost your opportunity for retweets and favorites, which expand your reach.

Website: Add your press release as a news piece on your website or write a blog about it. Include the foundation’s logo on your website as a funder/supporter; it will demonstrate to prospective donors and other grant-makers that you are active in diversifying your funding opportunities.


How should I acknowledge The Community Foundation of South Alabama?

Please use this language to acknowledge your CFSA grant:

This project was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from The Community Foundation of South Alabama. 

Please refer to the Foundation as “The Community Foundation of South Alabama” (note that “The” is capitalized). You may use “CFSA” on second reference. To request a high resolution version of the Community Foundation of South Alabama’s logo, contact Jessica Sawyer at or 251.338.7750.