Sight Saver Grant

It’s Visionary! Community Foundation provides grant to Sight Savers America which sheds light on children’s visual problems.

Miley McArthur loves Peppa Pig. Thanks to life-changing equipment from Sight Savers America the bubbly toddler is able to see her favorite character a little more clearly these days.

At just 3 years old, Miley has spent her lifetime combatting vision problems caused by congenital nystagmus and astigmatism but she’s done it with a cheerful attitude, a bright smile and a pair of cool lavender glasses.

Now, with the addition of an Electronic Video Magnifier (EVM) at her home, her world is much brighter.

Funded in part by a grant from the Community Foundation, Sight Savers America provided the EVM which picks up images that are then transmitted and ultra-magnified on a monitor for individuals with low vision.

Since 1997, Sight Savers America has identified and secured treatment for unmet vision and health needs that impede a child’s ability to reach her full potential in life. They achieve their goal through obtaining eye exams, glasses and other needed eye care from local clinics and providers.  Children of families who qualify receive the eye care they need at no cost to the family – or, as in Miley’s case, the equipment needed to make a long-term difference.

“She was about 6 months old when her physician said ‘You may want to make an appointment with an eye doctor,’” said Miley’s mom, Renee McArthur.

The EVM comes with a remote control that allows the user to incrementally increase the size of the image as well as change the color, contrast and tones on the screen. After only three months, Miley is already a pro at using it to read books about – who else? – Peppa Pig.

The family has already begun a referral process with the Baldwin County Public Schools that will allow a care plan to be formed for Miley and her future education. As she learns more of her letters and begins writing, the equipment will take on a more important role.

For the little girl who is “just as sweet as she is cute,” the EVM has opened up a window to a world of possibility.