Jun 27 2017

The Atmore Community Foundation advisory committee, from left, Kristie Williams, Hannah Johnson, Ann Gordon, Susan Smith, Sherry Digmon. From back, Dale Ash, Audrey Moon, Foster Kizer, Bub Gideons, Sherilyn Reynolds. Not pictured are Edie Jackson, Brian Johnson, Bob Jones.


MOBILE, Alabama- In April 2017, The Community Foundation of South Alabama established its first affiliate fund with local residents from Atmore, AL. By banding together, CFSA and the residents were able to create the Atmore Community Foundation, an advisory committee created to help oversee the Atmore Community Fund. By concentrated grant making and fundraising efforts by the committee, the fund will provide current and future generations of Atmore residents with the resources to help positively influence the quality of life in the town, emulating the CFSA’s mission but with a specific focus on the Atmore community.

Establishing an affiliate with CFSA requires an application process that analyzes the benefits of establishing such a fund and whether or not the fund can grow in each specific community. For the leaders of Atmore, this daunting process was worth the time and effort. By raising $25,000, the Atmore Community Foundation was able to establish a “Field of Interest” fund titled the Atmore Community Fund.

The fund collects charitable dollars to invest in the town. However, unlike most nonprofits, CFSA safeguards these funds with prudent investment management to help them grow, not only helping the current residents, but generations to come. This way, the fund is not a short term boost, but rather a long-term solution. Future grants distributed from the fund will return to Atmore to prosper the local community.

“All the money for Atmore stays in Atmore,” said Dale Ash, one of the committee members of the Atmore Community Foundation.  “With the many, many needs of our beloved small town, the Atmore Community Foundation will be able to provide grants for areas which need assistance. These donations will allow grants to enhance education, health and welfare needs, just to name a few.”  


About The Community Foundation of South Alabama

CFSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of the local community.  CFSA provides services to an eight-county area, including Baldwin, Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia, Mobile, Monroe, and Washington. By creating an affiliate with Atmore, CFSA will be able to give the resources and support necessary to help the Atmore Community Foundation succeed its purpose.

In many ways, Atmore has become a prime example for the immense power local communities have when they band together. As the first town to affiliate itself with CFSA, the Atmore Community Foundation has paved a path that can inspire other towns in Alabama to make a difference.

 “Here at The Community Foundation of South Alabama, we hope Atmore’s passion for the community will resonate with the surrounding counties and inspire other towns to establish their own community funds,” President and CEO of CFSA Rebecca Byrne said.

With an impressive amount of fundraising already completed—but with plenty of room to grow— and a focus on education, health and wellness, the number of donations to the Atmore Community Foundation has already exceeded the committee’s expectations.

“By establishing an affiliate with the Foundation, your community has the opportunity to establish a legacy that will benefit the town in perpetuity,” Byrne added. “We are always eager to provide the tools necessary to see Southwest Alabama succeed.”

Community leaders and residents interested in establishing their own affiliate funds with The Community Foundation of South Alabama should contact CFSA for more information.